Randall and Timea



Daily we are involved in the lives of our neighbors in Hungary. We are helping with outreach events with our local Hungarian Baptist church, and Randall is a deacon with responsibility for evangelism at our international church in Budapest. We minister to the members of these churches, and with them we are reaching out to the country of Hungary, and the surrounding nations. (1) We partner in ministry with other believers, who have very diverse ethnic backgrounds, from our international church. We seek to facilitate clarity, and courage, in others to initiate in evangelism and discipleship, and to bring the Word of God to the residents of Hungary, and other countries of the world. (2) We also set up simple, question based, Bible studies to facilitate further spiritual growth for those who respond to the gospel, or who show an interest in spiritual things. (3) We are in the process of exploring how we might inspire and organize teams to regularly go to the streets of Budapest from our international church in Budapest. (4) Central and Eastern Europeans feel their need for employment, or more employment, or better employment. We see Business As Mission meeting these practical needs for employment, providing a context for sharing the gospel, and as an area for practical discipleship for believers. Please pray with us as we seek to start a business that would meet our expectations in these areas, as well as being a classroom for believers to learn about how to trust God to be missionaries, while also working a job to earn money. (5) In order to help others discover more about God’s design in their lives we are certified consultants with the self-assessment called CareerDirect. We seek to help others be proactive in applying for jobs that are in their areas of strength, while at the same time sharing the gospel, and explaining how work is a context where God wants to draw us closer to Himself.

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