Maxx & Sarah



Maxx and Sarah serve in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Their goal is to disciple the upper/middle classes at a school in El Hatillo, Tegucigalpa so Honduras will have more Christian leaders in the future. Since this is such a long-term goal, they focus mainly on developing relationships with students at Academia Los Pinares while Sarah teaches math and Maxx teaches Bible there. The needs Sarah and Maxx see are directly related to making sure that they and other Christian teachers remain filled with the light of Christ and can dedicate time to staff-student relationships through coaching sports, leading Bible studies for students, and teaching their subjects with a focus on Christ.

It’s hard to be far from poverty in Honduras and other opportunities to serve often arise, sometimes with students but sometimes just with other teachers or their families.

Currently, Sarah and Maxx are in the States preparing to return to Honduras for a long-term commitment.

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