Kristian and Kylene



Our ministry reaches out to international students and families in Aalborg, Denmark. We helped plant Koinonia International Church in 2015. Kristian is the Assistant Pastor and Kylene organizes  Koinonia Kids and we host a weekly home group. Our church is quite transient so we strive to create an atmosphere of home and community for however long they stay in Denmark. We find that many are more open to the Gospel of Christ when they are outside of their passport country.

Kristian organizes events and activities for Aalborg International Friends to reach out to the international students of Aalborg University and University College Nordjylland. This ministry has given the people of our church an opportunity to use their gifts to reach out to the international community. They have taught poetry classes, Danish cooking classes, led hiking trips, etc. All of this to promote gospel conversations with the students. Kristian is also involved in online leadership training with the IBC(International Baptist Convention).

Kylene ministers to the International Moms thru her facebook group Moms Helping Moms. She encourages first-time Moms thru visits and organizing Mom meet ups so they do not feel so isolated. She is passionate about Revelation Wellness a ministry of using fitness for the glory of God. She reaches out at the local public school by serving on the parent committee of Lily’s class. She also serves on the women’s ministry team of IBC (International Baptist Convention) planning the annual conference and serving the women in International Baptist churches all over Europe. 

We are also passionate about encouraging couples to invest in their marriages. In 2015, we teamed together with two other couples to organize Denmark’s first marriage conference: Faith, Hope, Love. Our team has now grown to represent almost all of the evangelical churches in our city. We have couples coming to this yearly conference from all over Denmark, Norway, and other parts of Europe. The sessions are all in English and translated into Danish and other languages represented.

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