Dan & Nancy



Dan, formerly a professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, serves with his wife Nancy in the ministry of “international encouragement and education” as a part of Ripe for Harvest World Outreach. Since 1994 they have traveled to forty-one countries on six continents, providing a caring and listening atmosphere for those experiencing the opportunities and insecurities of life on the front line of missions. They have taught in seminaries in Singapore, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Armenia and the Philippines.

Nancy is a Professionally Certified Therapist through the National Institute for Learning Development. She is a consultant and teacher -of-teachers. Her ministry involves helping missionary parents who have children with learning difficulties. She reponds to invitations from other countries as they are offered.

Dan has a discipling and writing ministry. His latest book, “Youth–Growing Up to Change the World,” can be found on Amazon. The book is directed to youth ministry as it applies to other countries and cultures. Dan plans to embark on another book for parents along the same lines in this 2017 year.

Please pray for:

Continued health as they move into the “golden years”

Dan as he embarks on another book seeking to help parents guide their children to maturity

Wisdom in evaluating future mission invitations

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