I run after school program called the Lighthouse Resource Center in the Sherman Hills a low income housing projects in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. The children in and around this area (ranging in age from 3-15) walk home from school and come to the Lighthouse where 25 volunteers and myself help the children with their homework, worship the Lord through song and dance, build relationships with the children during small groups, and serve the children a snack, but the most important thing we do at the Lighthouse is teach them about Jesus and His love for them. When I first began helping at the Lighthouse there was only 5-7 children coming now there has been over 100 children that have come to the Lighthouse and we now are averaging 45 children daily.

The Lighthouse Resource Center much like a regular lighthouse helps bring distressed ships safely into the port. These children are living in constant distress: poverty, drive by shootings, drug and alcohol addicted guardians, and more but they know that when they come to Lighthouse, the waves are calm and they are safe! The ministry is extending into the homes of the children as well as I also help a lady run a ministry to the woman and mothers in this community.   Once a week we meet with 10-25 ladies to encourage them love on them and point them to Jesus! During the summer the Lighthouse is still very active as I connect with youth groups from around the states that are looking to do a mission trip and I have the teens run a VBS style week for the children multiple weeks of the summer. I also hook up with our local Christian camp and the director lets the children attend camp for free one week of the summer!

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