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Who we are:  Amet and Alexia FALL

 Where we serve:  Senegal, West Africa.  Senegal is a Muslim country, with a population of approximately fifteen million people, 95 % of whom claim Islam as their religion, 4 % claim Catholicism, and less than 1 % claim Evangelical Christianity as their religion.  Many Muslims, as well as Catholics, and those who do not claim either as their religion practice Animism (the fear of spirits, and witchcraft).

 Name of our local Senegalese Organization: “Kaddu Gu Sell Gi” (

 Vision Statement:  To see God’s Church in Senegal grow in size and maturity with a healthy understanding of God’s Word and its application in daily life.

Purpose Statement:  To intentionally share and spread the Gospel in a clear and concise manner by using the following means: Radio, SD-Cards, Website, Video Testimonies and Teachings, Follow-Up Visits, Bible Classes, and other Training.

Brief History:

Amet grew up in the suburbs of Dakar, the Capital City of the country Senegal.  He grew up in a Muslim home and came to the Lord in 1980 at the young age of 17.  In 1983 he entered the Institut Biblique du Senegal and was anointed as Pastor in 1986.  He has since served the Lord in various ministries, including working with the Evangelism Team with YWAM, serving on the Doulos Ship (a floating Evangelical Library moving from country to country sharing the Gospel), Pastor in the Capital City of Dakar overseeing Evangelism and wHolistic Ministry Programs, Director of Mission Organization which ran a Christian Orphanage.  It was during this time in early 2005 when Amet met his wife, Alexia.

Alexia grew up in California, and came to the Lord on November 1995, at a much older age.  She began serving in the church in Sunday school and began exploring Short Term mission trip in 1997, confirming her calling to missions.  In 2003 Alexia was appointed with her young daughter to serve in Senegal, and on January 5, 2005, Alexia and her daughter Natalya arrived in Dakar to begin their life in West Africa serving the Lord.

Shortly after their arrival, Amet and Alexia met, but they began to know each other and respect each other later in that year when Senegal had intense rains after a 30-year drought causing extensive flooding throughout the Capital City of Dakar (this was the storm that sent Hurricane Katrina to the US).  Together, they served on a committee leading and mobilizing the national church and mission organizations in a movement of Flood Relief for six months, serving the population of the Banlieue (slums/suburbs) of Dakar.

Nearly 2 years later, we were married.  Natalya has since graduated High School in June 2009 and finished University, she is now working in Charlotte, North Carolina as a nurse.

Pastor Amet and Alexia’s Various Ministry activities and sub-categories:
Ever since we were married in December 2007, we have been sharing in our Newsletters and in our speech that God has given us a vision, and that vision is found in His word in 1 Corinthians 16:19a “for a wide door for effective service has opened to me”.  We want to share with you that even more today we feel this message and continue to pursue His calling on our ministry.  Over the last several years, God has opened up numerous doors to us, both in the Banlieue (the ministry to the slums) and even more so now through our Mass Media Ministry with our Senegalese Association we have created under the name “Kaddu Gu Sell Gi” (“The Holy Word”).  We are now broadcasting on 6 different radio stations, and continue to produce Video Testimonies of Christians have come out of a Muslim Background as well as numerous Bible teachings useful for evangelism and discipleship, all of which are produced by local believers in Wolof, the primary local language.  We receive calls from a large number of listeners and are working on follow up with those listeners. And, we have received permission for the frequency of our own radio station in the Region of Fatick, which began airing on March 17, 2018.

 Media Ministry – Goal:  To Provide the Means in a Large Way to Reach the Majority of the Population of the Country of Senegal with the Gospel.                              


  • Radio Stations
    • Rail Bi FM, Guinaw Rail, Dakar – We have a partnership with this community Radio Station in the Banlieue of Dakar
    • Leer Gi FM (Light Radio FM), Dakar – We have submitted the paperwork to begin our own station in the Region of Dakar
    • A Qoolaand FM (Light Radio FM), Fatick, with its slogan “The Voice of the Gospel” – We began the first Christian Radio station in the country, in collaboration with one of the Evangelical Church Associations in Senegal, which began airing on March 17, 2018.  This city is located 150 km southeast of Dakar.  The radio station covers all of the Region of Fatick, as well as a good part of 3 other Regions in the country.
    • Mawungam FM (Light Radio FM), Ziguinchor – We have submitted the paperwork and are awaiting approval from the Government to begin airing. The studio is already built.  We were asked to join and help start this radio station in collaboration with some missionary friends and a local Evangelical Church Association.
    • SudFM, St. Louis – We have airtime on this radio station located 270 km north of Dakar, bordering the Islamic country north of Senegal.
    • SudFM, Thies – We have airtime on this radio station located 75 km east of Dakar, in a highly populated region.
    • SudFM, Mbacke – We have airtime on this radio station located 110 km east of Dakar, in a highly populated and strategic region. Face to face with the largest religious city in the country.
    • Mbour FM, Mbour – We have airtime on this radio station located a in a very populated area 120 km southeast of Dakar.
  • Broadcasts
    • Create
    • Train others to Create Broadcasts

Video & SD-Cards & Website


  • Bible Teaching Videos
  • Video Testimonies – a means to encourage the Senegalese believers from a Muslim background to share their testimonies. Giving better visibility to the Senegalese church, as well.
  • Video Teachings – a means to share the Gospel to those who have not yet heard, as well as encouraging and strengthening the faith of the existing believers.

SD-Cards – Create and Distribute with the following”

  • Audio Broadcasts
  • Videos


  • Maintain website with the following:
    • Radio Stations
    • Audio Broadcasts
    • Videos – Testimonies and Teachings

Follow-Up Ministries

  • Talk with callers from the Radio, SD-Cards & Website
  • Share Bibles to those who are interested
  • Putting them in contact with potential Mentors, Churches, etc.
  • Creating Startup Bible studies/Small Groups where there is no Mentor or Church available.

 Children Ministry – Goal:  To Teach and Familiarize the Children of Senegal with the Gospel and Biblical Values                                                                                  

Bible Classes & Vacation Bible Classes

  • Banlieue Community School Class
  • Banlieue Neighborhood Class
  • Villages – 2 in the interior of the country

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

  • Distributions in 5 different regions throughout the country

Benevolent Ministries

  • Backpacks & School Supplies
  • Support for the Community Schools
    • Renovation of Building
    • Painting Buildings

Training & Equipping Support Ministry in Leadership Development – Goal: To Help Equip the Members of the Local Church to Grow in maturity in Christ

Banlieue Churches

  • Preaching & Encouragement
  • Evangelism Campaigns
  • Prayer

Discipleship School in the Casamance (The southern part of the country, an area that is very animistic)

  • Training
    • The Traditions & Cultures in the Light of the Word of God
    • Freedom in Christ

Other Churches throughout Senegal

  • Training
    • Seed Planting Ministries
    • The Traditions & Cultures in the Light of the Word of God
    • Freedom in Christ

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