Serving with Ripe for Harvest since May 2013, Renee’ Flory is a missionary serving full-time in Kherson, Ukraine (southern Ukraine) since May 2015. What was expected to be a two-month exploratory trip to determine local needs for trauma healing, has now become full-time, on the ground ministry to develop a Trauma Healing ministry through the American Bible Society (ABS) and Trauma Healing Institute (THI). With her previous ministry experience in Kherson (from 2000-2005), Renee’ has developed relationships with local pastors and ministry leaders for over 15 years, is fluent in the Russian language (and will soon learn Ukrainian), and is once again at home in the regional Slavic culture. Not only is Renee’ serving locally with the TH program, she is also working to become a Trauma Healing Master Facilitator, which would allow her to train nationals interested in trauma healing work locally, nationally and throughout this region of the world. Renee’ is excited for the doors that God is opening in bringing healing to the countries of the former Soviet Union.

In addition to the Trauma Healing ministry, Renee’ is continuing an important ministry of ‘Strengthening the Saints’ through an ‘International Women’s Ministry’ (IWM) which the Lord has been developing over the past five years. As a woman in ministry, Renee’ understands the importance of pouring into others who are also in ministry, especially women in leadership who often do not have others that they can be open with about their heart, their needs, their challenges. She uses her gifts of exhortation, hospitality and creativity through involvement in large events such as retreats or conferences, or local events such as ‘sisters meetings’, weekend retreats, personal visits, chats over tea, prayer meetings, and art ministry. With the International Women’s ministry, Renee’ will be serving locally in Kherson and Kherson region as well as traveling to other countries where there is a need for strengthening and encouraging ministry leaders, pastors’ wives, and missionaries. Countries that Renee’ has been invited to serve ministry leaders in have been Ukraine (‘10), Kazakhstan (’11, ’12), Mexico (’13, ’14) and Indonesia (’15). In 2016, Renee’ is looking forward to the potential of serving women in Jordan and in Eastern Europe (and wherever the Lord may call her).

Thank you for your prayers and support of Renee’s ministry! If you had not had the opportunity up to this point, Renee’ invites you to become a prayer and financial partner through Ripe for Harvest World Outreach. May you be blessed in knowing that you are a vital part of strengthening the Body of Christ through healing ministries and encouragement.

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