Paul and Katie



We are Paul and Katie Gu and our son, Desmond is now a little toddler. We serve as faith-supported ministry workers with Ripe For Harvest World Outreach. Our ministry is helping Asians take the next step in their journey to learn more about the Lord by sharing our faith in Jesus through our own life and witness, by connecting them with Asian churches and godly study groups, and providing informal counseling, evangelism, discipleship and prayer support. We interact with each Asian friend or relative at their home or ours, or at a restaurant or other public place. We serve as ministry workers in a province which is one of the least evangelized in the Asian country. We also host and attend small dinner parties and holiday gatherings, social events, and outings to deepen our relationship with each person. The political climate in this country has become more restrictive for Christians, so we are no longer able to host Bible studies, but we do one-on-one evangelism whenever opportunities arise. We also minister to Asians who live in or come through East Texas, as well as online to our network in Asia.

Before the tightening of religious restrictions, we had the chance to share Jesus with around 1600 children, teens, and adults in larger group settings and small groups (2008-2016). But since 2016 we’ve had to be more private and discrete in our approach, so now we’re focusing on going deeper with around 40 individuals. From 2008 to the present, around 30 individuals have come to faith through our ministry as we have shared the Gospel with them, and dozens of others have expressed belief in God and the desire to pray and/or to read the Bible and learn about Jesus. We’ve visited seven local churches several times each, where we’ve been excited to see a combined total of over 5100 Asians worshiping God! There are many other smaller home-based churches that probably represent several thousand believers in the mega-city we serve, and we’ve visited three of these back during a time the country was more tolerant of Christian groups. This city is a major hub for travel to numerous nearby regions which are very isolated and still in spiritual darkness and many city residents, including our ministry contacts, have relatives living in these regions. Pray for us and our friends as the Gospel message goes forth, cutting through gates of bronze and bars of iron, reaching deep into people’s hearts.


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