Melissa has been with Ripe For Harvest since May, 2014. She is a missionary serving full-time yet currently resides within the borders of the US. Melissa has served overseas in Central America and has a background of 15 years as a highly qualified educator. However, God has led her into a ministry of serving the global women workers. Much like Ben and Hur, who were called to support Moses in battle (Exodus 17), Melissa is a support to those on the front lines and uses her gifting’s and skills of encouragement, prayer, lay-counseling, coaching, personal debriefing, retreats, personal visits, Bible studies, and educational consulting to support these women. A friend has described her as having a freelance member care role. She works with global women workers that serve in various ministry roles, denominations, and passport countries. Because of her background in missions and on-field experience many women are able to open up about their heart, their needs, and their challenges so that she can support them well.

Melissa praises God for her faithful and growing team of intercessors, encouragers, and financial supporters. She invites you to consider walking beside her in this ministry as a prayer and financial partner through Ripe For Harvest World Outreach.

You can contact her at

(A missionary’s home becomes wherever they are living at present. Since most have lived in various countries and they and their children identify with many cultures, we indicate their place of origin as their passport country.)

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