Marlan & Mercedes



M & M are Church Planters in the City of Zaragoza, Spain. They arrived in Spain in 2006 serving with an established Spanish church for therr first three years. In 2009, El Shaddai Church Plant was born in the living room of their small apartment. Nearly six years later the church has an approximate attendance of 40 perSunday. 98% of those that have made a committment to follow Jesus Christ were born again during the time of our ministry. The current church store front facility was ¨remodeled¨ in 2014, creating a sanctuary, classrooms, an office and a kitchen. As we look ahead over the next few years, we are praying for another couple, either from within the congregation or from America to come alongside us and eventually become the pastoral family for El Shaddai. This way we can concentrate on additional aspects of expanding the ministry.

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