Joel and Kristen

Copa Polcyn


Joel and Kristen Copa Polcyn live and serve in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Joel and Kristen work with Ciudad de Refugio (CdR) or City of Refuge. It is a ministry that serves university students and is located just blocks away from the public university, Universidad Mayor de San Simon. CdR is a café outreach that provides a safe place for students to study, eat, visit, play and find help as needed.

They also offer weekly activities to reach new people and a message of hope in Jesus, counselling, Bible studies, ESL classes, and outreaches in the community. Recently CdR has opened a nightly emergency shelter for women (mostly women who have been abused, are in transition, or otherwise find themselves without a place to live).

Joel and Kristen have been serving with CdR since 2014 and 2015 and were married in 2018.  Joel oversees the café and music ministry and Kristen oversees interns and the ESL program. They will assume leadership of CdR in 2019 along with one other co-worker when their leaders/co-workers leave the field.

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