In May of 2011, I traveled to Uganda for the first time with my great aunt. I kept hearing about this country of Uganda but wasn’t sure what or where it was. Finally, during a Christmas party, my aunt was talking about this Uganda place again, and I told her I had to go with her. So, I boarded a plane with her and three of her friends just to go see what this land was holding and why was I so desperately being drawn to this place.

After this first trip, I knew that this was where God was calling me for full-time ministry but I had to finish University first. So I  took two more short-term trips to confirm that calling as I waiting for graduation in 2015, Both trips were spent praying for God to tell me, No otherwise I was moving to Uganda in 2015 and both trips he kept quiet.

So September of 2015, I moved to this land that has been so dear to my heart. I spent the first year with the students at the school in the village then God spoke. He told me to go to the city and start a youth program there. It was scary for me and overwhelming but after a year of wrestling with God on this vision and finally submitting to His authority I sat down and planned for this youth program.

In 2016, God brought me, Joel, he also has a passion for children in Uganda and for carrying out the work for the kingdom and so we started serving together in different ministries. After 2 and half years of dating Joel proposed July 2018 and we will wed January 2019.

We will be launching Raising Hope Youth Program in partnership with a local school in Mbarara Uganda February 2019. This youth program will provide extracurricular classes for the students at the school to improve reading and writing skills, an after school tutoring space for the students and kids in the community and a soccer program for girls and boys who participate in the tutoring  program. We will also provide small counselling services for the kids in the community. All of this will be drenched in the Love of Christ and the Gospel. 

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