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Jacob, Joy, Elijah, Grace, Mercy, and Lilia Berlin

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Helping the Helpless

Bringing Christ’s love to the children ensnared in human trafficking

Moni’s Story

Moni was invited by an aunt when she was seven years old to go on a fun adventure.  While traveling, Moni got a headache and the aunt gave her some medicine.  Moni woke up in a brothel.  Moni slowly learned she had a master to whom she owed a huge debt that she must repay.  Over the years she had three children.  Sadly, her master aborted them all late in the pregnancies because they were boys and the master wanted a girl.  Eventually, a police officer placed Moni in a government facility.  She is now locked behind bars with other women like her and very little hope in life.  Joy was invited by the local authorities to counsel these women and help them.  Recently, a local believer volunteered and has been going with Joy to counsel the women.  When Moni shared about her unborn children, she could not stop sobbing and wondered aloud what she did to deserve this.  Joy lifted up Moni’s head and assured her she did not deserve this…she is precious in God’s eyes!  Pray for healing for Moni and wisdom on how to best help her and many others like her.

Please click on the video link to see a five minute snapshot of lives in South Asia.

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