Gordon and Marylyn



Gordon and Marylyn Adams have been in vocational ministry for nearly fifty years. Fifteen of those years were spent with The Navigators in administrative, military, collegiate, and community ministry assignments. Gordon managed their International Headquarters for five years before being transferred to Knoxville, TN. After resigning from The Navigators, a group of business and professional men founded Vision Foundation, Inc., and Gordon became the President. This mission agency was targeted at the overseas marketplace to equip, train, mentor, and establish discipleship training centers. They worked with pastors, professionals, and businessmen from over 30 different nations.  After retiring from Vision Foundation, they joined RFH so they can continue this very important ministry that reaches so many people. Nationally and locally, Gordon and Marylyn are involved in a variety of prayer ministries as well as the personal and professional counseling and coaching of the members in their community.

Gordon is a published author, so he writes, teaches, speaks, and meets with leaders throughout the community. He has been involved with Ripe For Harvest as an advisor to the Board for many years.

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