Dr. Tim



The first 25 years of my ‘full time Christian service’ allowed me to serve with some wonderful parachurch organizations: Youth for Christ, the Billy Graham organization, Sports World Ministries, and the Campus Crusade Jesus Film Project. I then spent 20 years serving two churches in the Phoenix, AZ area.
While each of these ministerial experiences allowed me to answer our Lords prayer request found in Mt. 9:37-38 and again in Luke 10:2 to “serve the Lord of the harvest” I was doing so with the understanding that it was helping fulfill the wonderful visions of their respective founders and church affiliations. Having grown up on the mission field and seeing God work in the lives of individual missionaries serving in difficult and challenging places and times I wanted to create an opportunity for others to fulfill their personal vision of the harvest and follow God’s call for themselves and not always helping fulfill the vision of others.
In Ripe For Harvest each missionary has the opportunity to pursue their personal God-given vision and spend their time, talent, energy, spiritual gifts, experience, education and training. The thesis project for my D. Min program at Bethel Theological Seminary was on ‘Mission Candidate Criteria”. If you can satisfy that criteria and your missionary project fits into the confines of our by-laws then you have found a home!
Welcome to Ripe for Harvest World Outreach!!!