David & Sue



David and Susan Whitlock have serving in Kenya since 2009 and have been part of the Ripe for Harvest
family since 2011. They are founders of the Jesus Oasis of Love and Hope ministry based in Narok,

Dave is involved in community development, partnering with communities building and renovating
schools, churches and water catch systems. He also does school programs going into schools teaching a
bible story reinforcing the lesson with a hands on activity to take home and share then having much
deserved play time involving balls. Dave’s passion has been with the street boys. This ministry has boys
from 6 to 18 years old who are living on the streets for various reasons. For now they meet at a local
restaurant share a devotion or bible story, do a time of life skill teaching (hygine, manors, job skills ect..)
They then have a time for mentoring and a small meal together.
Susan is involved in CHE (Community Health Evangelism) this program is based on “give a man a fish or
teach a man to fish.” It helps to build strong Christian leaders in communities through bible studies,
prayer groups and teaching business skills and helping them to find their gifts and talents. This is
helping families and communities to become self sustainable and using the skills and resources that they
have. Part of her ministry also is holistic health. (Spiritual, physical and emotional) she travels into the
bush and does mobile clinics specializing in well child and prenatal care along with immunizations and
preventive care and teaching.

The Whitlocks are doing goat projects giving female goats to widows to start their own herds and
providing milk, food and income for their families. They have stated an audio bible ministry giving the
bibles to pastors to use with those who cannot read and write for bible studies and use at home with
the family. This is helping to share the Gospel and bringing the lost to the Lord of love and hope.

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