Bob and Donna



Bob & Donna serve with Cross Road Medical Center in Glennallen, AK, USA.  Cross Road is a Christian, Faith Based, Health Care Facility listed as a Frontier Extended Care Clinic.  This clinic serves an area the size of Massachusetts.  They have 2 satellite clinics bringing the total service size equal to the state of Ohio.  Cross Road in Glennallen has a walk in clinic, ER, Exam rooms, Lab, X-ray service as well as several counselors who use biblical counseling as their guide.  Bob is the Volunteer, Work Team and Support Services Coordinator.  Volunteers are an important part of the ministry.  He coordinates the application, to hiring and job assignment stages of volunteers.  He assists the chaplain and local pastors with the spiritual care of patients and staff, and oversees some support areas like Maintenance among with other responsibilities.

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